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Cool Sites to Check Out

Bookstores and Publishing

New England
Mobile Bookfair
A great place for books- new location! Plenty of author events as well.
Sherman’s Bookstores This Maine chain serves the coast, and carries my Zack Taylor mystery series and several other of my books.
Letterpress Books A family-owned and operated small bookstore in Portland, Maine. Definitely worth a stop!
Brickyard Books A small business that lists and sells books online through Amazon, Alibris and AbeBooks.com, or via direct contact with customers.
Rosstrum Publishing This NH publisher did my third Zack Taylor novel, A Shadow on the Wall, as well as my short interviewing book,  How to Improve Your Interviewing Skills.

Various Place to Check Out

New You Hypnosis and Reiki Specializes in helping regular people with ordinary, everyday challenges. Whether you wish to enjoy deep relaxation, solve a problem, improve your performance or just generally want to make improvements in your life, New You Hypnosis and Reiki can help.
The Pixel Depot The Pixel Depot specializes in high quality images on a variety of media, including standard prints, canvas, mouse pads and coasters, and vinyl decals in a wide range of styles. Lots of train-related products, but also the ocean, beaches, sunsets and lighthouses.
VMR Decals A site dedicated to finding decals for race care miniatures. Anything and everything- this guy has the automotive creds.
Tree Lobsters This is a fun and wicked sharp commentary on modern events, as espoused by two wisecracking lobsters.
Kurt Weitzmann
A very funny friend of mine who went to the Left Coast and became a comedian.
iTunes app Stay healthy! Here’s a cool app from Will Winder you can try for free, that reminds you to hydrate while at work, where you’re likely to get distracted and not get enough water. Review of it: http://www.fitsugar.com/iPhone-Apps-Keep-You-Healthy-Work-16389755?page=0,0,0#1


Coaster Ernie Benoit made this album which has bits of rock-acoustic-country punk-roots-Worcester! It’s a DIY project from a guy who says it’s a collection of happy songs.. sad songs.. angry songs.. and love songs…
Cooper & Kenneally

Playing Folk Rock / Country / Blues, this duo is a lot of fun and great entertainment. Check out some music samples on their MySpace page.“I hear strains of early rock and roll and ‘The Good’ country (Chet Atkins/Johnny Cash) that we all know and love, along with some folk-pop which is a totally different beast.”

–Jeff Root, Root Cellar Studios

Martial Arts

Prise de Fer Located in Billerica, MA, this top-flight fencing school gives the best instruction for all three weapons. They’ve coached many champions.
Independent Karate Studio Located in Nashua, NH, this school teaches Kenpo and Enshudo. They also do great community work.
Mill City Aikido Located on the Westford/Chelmsford line, this Aikido dojo teaches the peaceful way to defend yourself. Great programs for adults and for children.
Larry Leavitt’s Fitness and Self-Defense Martial Arts Instruction, located at 119 Foster St # R, Peabody, MA.