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This is one rounded corner of the writing world of Dale T Phillips, New England writer– novelist, poet, short story writer (with over 80 stories published). Short biography here. Want to see something? Send me a message. And thanks for stopping by.

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  • Sold another story to Mystery Magazine! 
  • Will be selling and signing books in Natick and Woburn.
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ATTENTION Book Clubs/Libraries/Schools:
Dale is a featured member of the Sisters in Crime Speakers Bureau, a teacher and lecturer on writing and publishing, and frequent panelist at national conventions, including Bouchercon, Killer Nashville, and Crime Bake.
He has some interesting stories on a host of subjects: having Stephen King as a writing teacher, appearing on Jeopardy, making movies, writing in different genres, and aspects of the writing and publishing world.
He enjoys connecting with readers in Book Club Meetings either by Zoom, Skype or in person, when possible.
Contact for more info.

New Releases!

A Sharp Medicine cover image

Desert Heat– A Mystery

Cole Hampton’s military service and tough upbringing come in handy when solving dangerous problems for the less fortunate. But against his will, he’s tasked with finding a missing woman. When the search leads down dark pathways, he must deal with an array of desperate crooks and killers.

A Sharp Medicine cover image

Crime Time– Stories of Crime and Mystery

Here are eleven tales of crime and mystery. Tales of people of all ages making desperate choices, calculated choices, and survival choices. Everything from killers and junkies on the run to innocents caught in a web of danger. Darkness and fear rule, and surprises occur when some think they’re safe at last. It’s Crime Time, and it’s a black, cold street at night here…

A Sharp Medicine cover image

The Last Fables and Fantasies- A 5-story collection (Third in a series)

In this, the final volume of the Fables and Fantasies collections, we have a number of dark tales: a twisted version of an old fairy tale, a fantastic ride that does not end where the rider thought, horrible creatures from a legendary world of monstrosity, a terrifying clown in a macabre fantasy setting, and a hunt where the tables are turned, by a creature of myth. These fantasies remind us that evil things can lurk in the dark, and our choices should keep us on lighted paths.

A Sharp Medicine cover image

Locust Time- A Novel of Suspense  (2022 Silver Falchion Award Finalist)

Welcome to Resurrection, a former mining company town with too many dark secrets, where science and religion form a shady alliance. Sixteen-year-old Judy Winstead is forced to move there with her recently widowed mother, but finds few allies among the tight-lipped townsfolk. People who stand out or speak out endanger themselves, while dreadful experiments and worse take place in the caverns and tunnels beneath the town.

A Sharp Medicine cover image

Neptune City- A Mystery novel

When LA detective Jim Lloyd reluctantly returns to his NJ hometown for a final funeral, the ghosts of the past combine with the perils of the present, and he is pulled into a world of secrets, deceit, and danger.

The Last Crooked Paths cover image

How to be a Successful Indie Writer– The book that helps you to achieve success in a long-term writing career

In the modern world of Independent (Indie) book publishing there is a lot to learn, and more competition every day. While some authors will tell you how to be successful based merely on their own experience, this book details the path of success used by a number of successful writers, both traditional and Indie. For those willing to study successful Indie writers and copy the effective techniques, good things await. Here’s a great starting point.

Covers much material on setting up the mindset for a long career, creating your business profile, setting goals and expectations, where and how to publish and sell, and how to stay productive and motivated. An extensive list of resources points you to further areas of study and help.

All the Crooked Paths cover image

Five Fingers of Fear– A 5-story collection of scary tales

Here are five more scary stories, where people meet their fate in a number of ways.
Never-before tales of terror to keep you unsettled. You never know whether Death or salvation is just around the corner. Pleasant screams…

A Sharp Medicine cover image

Deadly Encounters– 3 Zack Taylor stories

Grieving over a past tragedy, troubled ex-con Zack Taylor has spent a lifetime in the shadows. He has finally found a measure of peace in Maine, helping others as a way of dealing with his grief, guilt, and rage. But he finds even simple problems have unintended consequences, and danger lurks in the most unlikely places.

In these three tales, Zack encounters murderous individuals who hide below a surface of normality. He uncovers more than he bargained for at every turn, and must deal with the fallout of taking on deadly people willing to kill.

A Sharp Medicine cover image

The Return of Fear– 5 Scary tales

Here are five scary stories about different types of terrors that haunt us. Some are deserved, some come from pits of evil for the innocent. These tales come together for the first time to keep you up at night. Enjoy the ride on the scary rollercoaster.

I’m a proud member of Sisters in Crime, a national organization promoting women mystery writers, and the Mystery Writers of America