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Dale T. Phillips mystery writer - Author of the Zack Taylor mystery series

Writers to Watch

Here’s a few writers you should know about. Check out their works.

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Ursula Wong – A new writer with her debut novel Purple Trees. She’s also in Insanity Tales with us. Read my interview here.

David Daniel – Noted for his Alex Rasmussen series, Dave has established himself as a mystery pro. He’s also got excellent standalone novels, such as Reunion, and story collections, as Coffin Dust. He’s also a teacher and Jack Kerouac scholar– don’t know where he gets the time to create such excellent books. Dave is also in Insanity Tales with us. He gave a talk here.

Connie Johnson Hambley – A new writer with her debut novel The Charity. Read my interview here.

T.Stephens – A new writer with his debut novel Dante’s Cypher.

Chris PhilbrookAuthor of Adrian’s Undead Diary and many other books.

Debbi Mack – Debbi’s got a series starring the character of Maryland attorney Stephanie Ann “Sam” McRae, a hard-boiled, tough-gal lawyer who helps the downtrodden, and “Least Wanted” is a slam-bang action ride. In the classic vein, the book opens with the arrival of a troubled (and troubling) client. Sam starts off on a simple matter, and soon becomes entangled with a batch of baddies, bodies, bruises, and blood.

Katherine Tomlinson – Former Editor of Dark Valentine, she’s also a talented and prolific writer in her own right. Hers was my first ebook purchase, and I was pleased to discover that along with publishing the kind of story I like, she also writes the kind of story I like. The collection “Just Another Day in Paradise” is superb, well worth the purchase price and the time spent devouring all the stories. This will be a hit with fans of Stephen King, tales in a similar vein, but given a personal stamp by the author. So when you’re in the mood for a shiver of frisson, or “exploring the dark heart of urban living,” pick up this collection and settle in for some chills.

Leigh Perry/Toni Kelner – Toni is another fun mystery writer, with the Where Are They Now series, as well as the Laura Fleming series. She also puts together fun anthologies, like Wolfsbane and Mistletoe and Many Bloody Returns.

Ray Daniel – Ray launched his debut novel, Terminated. Read my interview here.

Thomas Pluck  – Tom is a tough guy with a heart of gold, and his Blade of Dishonor is a wild ride, with ninjas, guns, and martial arts. Read my interview here.

Marian Lanouette – Marian has the Jake Carrington series, with Burn in Hell. Read my interview here.

Arlene Kay – Arlene has a series, with Gilt Trip being the latest. Read my interview here.

William Rockwell – Bill has written Not Prvileged to Know and other books. Read my interview here.

Chris Bernard – This talented fiction writer is one of those people that live life fully. He’s a novelist, outdoorsman, newspaperman, photographer, rock star, and adventurer. www.italicsmedia.com

Jennifer Pelland – A Science Fiction writer with an amazing book of short stories, one nominated for a Nebula award. A must read for anyone who loves good stories in this field: Unwelcome Bodies

Ellen Meister – Ellen has carved out a respectable niche in the world of women’s literature. She had a knockout first novel, followed it up with an amazing second, and is now on her third, a darker change of direction, but sure to be another great read.
Secrets of the Applewood PTA
The Smart One

Cathy Dougherty – Cathy’s got her first book out, In Polyester Pajamas, and she’s been rather busy, doing signings and talks ever since it came out.

Resa Nelson – She is an EPPIE Award Finalist for Best Fantasy Novel, for “The Dragonslayer’s Sword,” so if you’re in the mood for fantasy, check here first. She also has “Our Lady of the Absolute,” a novel about a modern-day society based on ancient Egypt.

Rich Feitelberg – His first book in a series, Aure, the Topaz, is for those who can’t get enough fantasy: wizards, elves, demon-hunting sword slingers and sassy barmaids, in a world of powerful magic gems and battling forces.

Vincent O’Neil He’s written a string of good mystery novels, including the Frank Cole series, set in Exile, Florida. Now he’s got a new one, “Death Troupe,” which follows a theatre group who do murder mystery plays, before things get a little too close to home…

Holly West– Author of Mistress of Fortune, a historical mystery.

Pete Morin Check out Diary of a Small Fish, where a man gets indicted for playing golf!

Liz Lipperman– She’s got one out called Liver Let Die- A Clueless Cook Mystery. How’s that for a fun title?

Kari Lee Townsend Kari’s got Tempest in the Tea Leaves- A Fortune Teller Mystery out.

Lindsay Downs– He’s got a variety of offerings in different genres.

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