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Writing Info

Online listings of writing markets- These sites have listings for places to submit stories for publication:


My book, How to Become a Successful Indie Writer has extensive lists of resources to help you, along with useful information on many aspects of building and sustaining your writing career. 

websitesetup.org – Building an author website (thanks to Deb Coleman for the tip)

Great sites and blogs to follow:

Kristine Kathryn Rusch– Thursday is the posting day for business tips aimed at the modern writer– essential!

The Creative Penn– Valuable advice from Joanna Penn

Jane Friedman’s blog– News and views of writing happenings

Let’s Get Digital– David Gaughran’s advice and news

David Farland’s Daily Kick in the Pants– Tips, writing info, and motivation from a pro.

Maine Crime Writers– Writers in Maine

A Newbie’s Guide to Publishing– JA Konrath’s terrific site about the new world of publishing.

The Writings and Opinion of Dean Wesley Smith– Anyone interested on writing and publishing must read Dean’s three excellent books on Publishing, all detailed here.

Terrible Minds– this blog by Chuck Wendig is funny, rude, profane, and motivating.

The Cult– the official site of Chuck Palahniuk. Great info about writing and his works. Not for the faint of heart.

Morgen Bailey’s blog– All kinds of help and interviews and news on books and authors.

The Heart of the Matter– the blog of Barry Eisler, the guy who made headlines by turning down a 2-book deal offer of half a million dollars- saying he could do better himself! Picture of he and I here.

Debbi Mack– A mystery writer of note.

The Passive Voice– A Must-read for all things writing, including the latest publishing news.

Do Some Damage– Do Some Damage is a group of eight crime writers, each with a different voice and something to say. From grizzled vets to grizzly rooks, they pull back the curtain on the way the industry works. Whether beating deadlines or beating characters, each week they share their thoughts on reading, writing, plot, voice and all the sordid junk that goes through a writer’s brain.

Vincent Zandri Vox– A working writer with a lot to say.